Depending on the location of the stump in your yard, the chips and dirt can be either removed and replaced with clean dirt for growing grass or simply raked back into the hole in a forested location. Stumps and exposed roots can be accurately removed without damaging the ground beside them


The rubber-tired grinder will fit through most gates (34" Clearance) and will not harm lawns. The grinder can grind stumps of any diameter because it starts grinding on the side of the stump and swings back and forth across the whole stump until it is ground down.


Common applications for the service are on lawns, in forest settings and on driveways. I can provide the names of several local folks who offer tree and chipping services in the area.


I am pleased to provide free estimates so you can plan your landscaping project. I am located in the South Cariboo and offer this service from Williams Lake to Loon Lake, 100 Mile House to Lac Des Roches.

Contact: Colin Nivison
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Stump Grinding Stump Grinding Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding Stump Grinding Stump Grinding